The World of Illuminarus

Illuminarus is a form of parallel Earth. The landscape has been radically changed as a result of the need to mine copper and tin, along with coal and other materials. In addition, forests had been significantly reduced in size as a result of the demand for various woods. Poster mtg rtr forest lg

There is, in a sense, a war going on between corporations and various advocates for the reestablishment of natural resources. As a result, some cities have been changed and integrated into their “former” environment. 1026 boilerworks

The primary mode of global transportation is that of the airship, and as such, a notable danger lies in air travel – piracy. This danger does exist in the ocean in the form of steamships, but the as airships got larger and more efficient, pirate crews took to the skies, where there were new treasures to be found.

Suffice to say, Illuminarus holds many wonders, but perhaps the greatest wonders are those created by individuals who work to shape and form their own histories in this deceptively beautiful world.

The World of Illuminarus

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